The Birth of the Modern Nursing Tank Dress

Modern mom wearing nursing tank dress

The Birth of the Modern Nursing Tank Dress-

Every morning it was the same thing; I either wandered around in my robe for two hours or stood
staring at my closet thinking “what the heck am I going to wear today?” The latter is not particularly
easy when you have a toddler at your feet ripping your shoes off of the shelves and tossing them
carelessly onto the floor. This toddler, by the way, was immaculately dressed with her hair done, along
with her infant sister who had her matching outfit/paci combo going on. Not me though, I was the last
one on my list. Is it just me, or does everyone sort of feel completely unable to accomplish any real
tasks in pajamas? Even if I am seemingly getting things done, I am always slow moving if I am not really
clothed in something I could walk out of the house in. Which was often!

At the time of peak lack-luster wardrobe induced sluggishness, I had a brand new baby girl added to the
family, three weeks old, and was fully nursing nonstop around the clock. For those of you who have
children close in age, you know how it goes. Its just constant chasing of the toddlers, and feeding the
baby- on a loop. Not a whole lot of time for self care, even without the toddler, but I still had to get

It was really hard to feel cute in the nursing clothes that I had. I needed something
comfortable for my ongoing postpartum recovery, but I was craving something I could just throw on
super quickly, something completely effortless but stylish. I was really getting so tired of wearing the
same nursing tank with the leggings, (that were also still my maternity clothes, though I was not my
maternity size anymore) over and over again. No matter how long I gazed at my closet for, I pulled the
same three things out, sometimes questionably clean.

I found myself always more alive when the 5 o’clock hour was approaching; when I knew my fiancé
was going to be home within about an hour and a half. My favorite time of day! An adult human to talk
to! Also, at that same time of day the feeling of panic, looking in the mirror and thinking “he has to
come home to this again,” because I basically looked the same as when he left for work. Don’t get me
wrong, it didn’t ever seem like he was any less happy to see me, even on day 2 of the same shirt, and he
never mentioned anything about my attire. There’s just something to feeling put together. Puts a pep in
my step, boosts my confidence, and freshens my day!

That’s it. It was time to shop. I needed clothes, I needed a change! I was about to get a whole new breastfeeding wardrobe!


I scoured the Internet. I literally spent hours upon non-existent hours looking for a nursing maxi dress, a
nursing tank dress, any kind of nursing dress that I could throw on. There are like a million options in
maternity dresses! Why couldn’t I find just one tank dress that had access for breastfeeding? Hadn’t
someone, anyone, just made the classic nursing tank top into a modern nursing tank dress? Something that didn’t also fit the belly of someone who was 9 months pregnant? Of any kind? Two days of googling gave me my answer. Hard no.

I really started to think about it, and I was over stretching out my clothes to pull out a boob to find
variation in my everyday appearance. I was not thrilled that I had to stay in a robe until the very second I was walking out the door for date night because clothes that I wanted to go out in and nursing access
DID NOT go together. I wanted my pre-pregnancy wardrobe back. The decision to breastfeed has never
been a hard choice for me, and choosing what to wear every day to accommodate the way that I nourish
my baby should not have to be either! I needed to do something about this, I couldn’t be the only one
looking for this type of clothing! Lightbulb moment! I’m going to make it. I have a sewing machine! I have
an Etsy account! Boom.

A couple of days after this frustrating and dead ended search, I went over to my neighbor Cassandra’s
house, who was also still currently nursing her son and we sat down in her playroom with kiddos
bouncing around us and I brought up my debacle, and solution. I asked her though, if she knew how to
sew. This was something of a road block for my brilliant idea to make clothing, I didn’t know how to sew.
She laughed and said how about we actually do this? I have the same problem! I need this, so many
moms need this! We should hire people to make our designs. That was it. Cassie & Britt Latchwear was

From there we took off creating a business. It is so perfect because and we put both of our very
different styles together that flatter both of our very different body types because we both wanted the
same thing. Really cute easy-to-wear clothes that made us feel put together while having discreet
nursing access. Basically, clothes that look like regular clothes, but for breastfeeding! We have the same
fundamental priorities: quality, sustainability, producing locally, and the list goes on. Because we come
from such different taste perspectives, we are able to create an incredibly inclusive line of clothing. Our
ideas are endless, the extent of what we have in the works is massive, and we are slowly making our
dreams of women walking into their closets in the mornings as nursing moms the easiest part of their
day come true!

And wouldn’t you know it, our second item to launch is that modern nursing tank dress that started it all.

~ Britt

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